Over 80% of people now browse the internet looking for properties to buy, and with this change, the possibility of selling your house with video is now a reality.

JacquesPALUTWith the popularity of YouTube — we spend 2.9 billion hours on YouTube per month — using video to promote your property can dramatically increase the chances of selling your house sooner rather than later – and at the price you want. Youtube is now the second most popular search engine after Google (who own Youtube) – and is more popular than Facebook!

Statistics show that 80 percent of people will watch a video, while only 60 percent will listen to an audio presentation, and a mere 40 percent will read text.

Video provides a familiar user interface for visitors—there’s no navigating, scrolling, or clicking—so they can’t get lost. Video is also ideal for mobile devices; and it’s a great format for storytelling – particularly for describing the surrounding area and its amenities, which is important for potential home buyers who are looking for their ‘french dream’.

We won’t just make your video – we will make sure it gets seen using effective Search Engine Optimisation.  Did you know that Google owns Youtube?  Well it does – and what does that mean for you?  Google likes to show videos in search results which means that the video has to be optimised the way Google wants it to be optimised – and that’s where our expertise comes in.  We provide a service that will rank your property video high in results.  No-one can guarantee page 1 results (even if they say they can) but we guarantee that your video will be found easily for key search words relevant to your property.

But that’s not all – we are experts at social media marketing and offer a targeted advertising service that has worked well for all our clients. Using social media, SEO – including closed-captions, transcript, keyword tagging and site-map plus targeted Facebook advertising – we make sure the right people see your video.

So whether you want a ‘walk-through’ video with scripted, professional narration or a bespoke property profile video including floor plans, aerials, regional information including amenities and how to get to the area (airports etc), contact us now to discuss the best option for your property.