What is the ideal length for a property video?
If a property video grabs the viewer’s attention from the start (which our videos do!) then the duration can be between 45 seconds and 6 minutes, depending on how big the property is and how much time is spent on describing the surrounding area. A potential buyer wants as much information as possible and to experience what it might be like to make your property their home.

Can we use any of our own imagery in the video, such as still photos or video?
Yes, of course – send them to us and we will take a look at the quality and see how we might incorporate your images/footage.

How long does a video take to produce?
Because we spend time getting to know your property and the surrounding area, typically a video will take about two-three weeks to make from our first visit to the property to presenting you with your video and uploading it to Youtube, depending on availability – and the weather of course!

What if I want to change something in the video when I first see it?
If you need us to make any changes to the video, then let us know within one week of seeing the first version and we will make one set of changes within the original quoted price and send you a new private Youtube link for your final approval before publishing your video.

I think my house might be of interest to the english-speaking market, but how can I use it to target the french market?
Your property video will originally be narrated by a professionally recorded english voice-over artist. We can, however, translate the english script and record a professional and native french voice-over artist and replace the soundtrack on the original version. In fact we can do this in any language you want . . .!  Alternatively we can add subtitles in any language.

What format will the final video be in?
Included in the original quoted price is a link to your video on our YouTube channel. You can use this link to share your video to potential buyers via email and social media sites as well as any number of property websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation etc. If you are selling your property privately and have a website for it then we can also give you an ’embed’ code which we recommend you place on the first page of your website, so that Google will rank you higher in its search engine.  If you don’t have a website we can help you there.  Take a look at this example we made: Chateau for Sale

Can I put my video on my estate agent’s site
If you are selling your property through an agency – or agencies – speak to them about including a version of your video on their site, using their logo and contact details. Video is a great marketing tool for your agent, so see if they will share the costs of production or reduce their commission, if you are supplying them with a video – or get them to contact us directly.

How can I get my video seen?
This is one of the most important questions you could ask. If you don’t have a strategy for getting your video ‘seen’ by your target market, then it’s like going to all the effort of printing a brochure that you then keep in your desk drawer!

We offer a video SEO service that should be implemented AFTER you have approved your private link video and BEFORE it is ‘published’ because it is at the moment of publishing your video that Youtube indexes it – this is really important. To increase the chances of your video being easily found by the people who are looking for a property like yours, we will ‘optimise’ your video with tags and keywords, a good description and title plus links to your, or your estate agent’s, website etc. This doesn’t guarantee you a first-page listing on Google (it’s possible but can take time and effort as the competition for relevant keywords is high) but it will certainly increase the chances!

Will you use social media to promote my property?Absolutely!!  It’s one of the best ways to get your property seen by a targeted audience – and we’re experts at it because we love it! 🙂

How much does a property video cost to produce?

Our prices for a video of 4 minutes’ duration start at 1500€ and include research, scripting, HD filming, editing, graphics, music, voice-over and uploading to our Youtube channel.  Additional elements, if required, that will increase this price include drone filming, the distance needed to travel from Bergerac, where we are based, and the size of the property – as the larger your property is the more we may need to film.  However, the best thing to do is send us some details of your property and we can give you a detailed quote.

For any further questions not covered here please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.